Safe Browsing

Companies can suffer undesired consequences while browsing the web, exposing their assets to malware that can cause massive problems. Internet browsing with no restrictions can also lead to lower productivity and bandwidth restrictions for critical applications.

Safe Browsing Key Features

By using multiple security layers including Network IPS, Content and URL Filtering, Advanced AntiMalware and AntiVirus, BotNet protection, you’ll deliver the right internet access while protecting your assets and users.

Single Sign-on

Integrated Kerberos Authentication.

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Block Internet Malware

Protect corporate assets from risky content by blocking malicious websites.

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Access Policy

Restrict access to URLs and categories according to your Internet Access Policy.

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Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by restricting access to unsuitable workplace content.

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URL Categories

Choose from over 130 blocking categories and sub-categories and filter on both HTTP and HTTPS.

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Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention for Oubound Internet Traffic.

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SSL Inspection

SSL Inspection of HTTPS Traffic.

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Data Leak Protection (PCI DSS).

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Internet Safe Browsing Description

Aurora Networks Managed Services builds a Web Proxy platform so that you can take the advantages of integrated Internet Access Policies and threat visibility.


No appliances or any other hardware required to deploy or manage. Aurora Networks Cloud based Web Proxy Server allows you to set-up and use a secure Internet access, compliant with your Intenet Access Policy.

Aurora Networks Web Proxy is placed between your users and systems and the public Internet, using Kerberos trust and granting tickets for all your machines to interoperate transparently with your Windows AD. As part of the security enforcement all Internet traffic will be inspected across multiple security layers. HTTPS accesses will be decrypted and inspected as well. This way your entire network gets full protection from web and Internet threats.

Block or limit website access based on destinations or URL categories.

Choose from over 130 blocking categories and sub-categories and filter on both HTTP and HTTPS.

Around 80% of all Internet Traffic is HTTPS. Without the right decryption and inspection technologies malicious sites and code can run undetected causing infections and unexpected behaviors

Inspect all HTTPS Internet traffic and apply security enforcements to avoid undesired consequences.

Single Sign On so your users can authenticate transparently and get access granted if part of your Windows AD.

Quickly drill down to find threats, botnets, malware viruses detected by our threat detection engine.

Internet Browsing Activity and Threats

Get full visibility on all Internet Browsing activity in your organisation and identify any malicious traffic and threats.

Internet GeoIP Map

GeoIP Visualization for Internet Domains.

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Internet Traffic Threat Analysis

Antimalware, Antivirus and IPS Events.

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Real Time Traffic Logs

Internet Browsing Logs.

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Blocked Domains

Daily Internet Traffic, Top Daily Domains, Top Daily Users, etc.

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