Network Monitor

Agentless network monitor that can monitor and classify system conditions like bandwidth usage or uptime and collect statistics from systems, network devices and applications.

  1. Monitor all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure.
  2. Network Autodiscovery. This saves you a lot of configuration work and we can start monitoring your infra right away.
  3. Alerts for warnings or unusual metrics. Notifications via email

Your whole IT infra at a glance

Monitor your Physical and Virtual environments, traffic, applications, bandwidth, uptime, web services, disk usage....


IT Health Status

Check availability and main status of all your IT Systems.

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Proactive Action

IT Network Monitoring allows you to proactively act when a warning condition triggers.

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Vital stats and systems load

Get full visibilty on main operational values like CPU, Bandwidth usage, Disk occupation, etc.

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Get Alerted

Receive alerts when major incidents affecting network or systems availability occur.

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Access your IT Network Monitor through a single pane of glass

Use our customer portal to get full visibility on the health of your IT Infra.

  • Get an instant summary of your Infra Status.

    Network and Systems Health by asset type.

  • Instant view of any network outages.

    Find out which network devices or systems in your Infra reporting down or unusual status.

  • React right after getting alerted.

    IT Network Monitoring and Alerting helps you being proactive and reducing outage periods.

  • System Status Overview

    Quickly find out the status of all your monitored variables in your systems.

  • Devices Grouped by Type

    All your monitored assets classified by type: Network, Servers and IP Telephony.

  • Monitored Parameters

    Monitored variables grouped by type: Reachability, Interfaces and Bandwidth, CPU, Memory, Disks and Applications .

  • Instant and Historic Data

    Get all instant values and graphs for Historic data (last 30 days).

Aurora Networks IT Network Montior helps you keep your Infra up and running


Monitor all systems, network devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure. Everything you need without installing any agents in your end devices.

Take advantage of a wide variety of technologies to scan, discover and monitor your IT Infra: SNMP (all versions), NetFlow technologies, WMI, SQL queries, etc. IT Networks and Systems outages cause business emergencies and loss of productivity. When the network goes down, employees can't read emails. Customers can't purchase the product. Work stops. Network monitoring helps you keep your business healthy.

Aurora Networks IT Network Monitor collects various statistics from all the machines, software, and network devices at your glance. We also retain the data so you can see historical performance. Get alerted when an outage happens, even before your users or customers notice it.

You can monitor everything in your IT infrastructure including all network devices, servers, websites, databases, applications and much more.

We'll scan all your network segments by simply pinging defined IP ranges, recognising a great variety of network devices and systems.

We can customise the notification system to suit your needs. Schedule alerts and avoid alarm floods by using dependencies and acknowledging.

You can also get alerts when warnings or unusual metrics conditions are triggered.

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