SIEM Key Features

Data aggregation

Aggregate data from many sources, including network and security devices, servers, databases, applications, etc. Consolidate monitored data to help avoid missing crucial events.

Data Correlation

Look for common attributes and link events together into meaningful bundles.

Compliance Assessment

Get reports that will adapt to your existing security processes, aligned to governance and auditing policies.

Forensic Analysis

Search across logs on different nodes and time periods based on specific criteria..

Get Alerted

Get alerted and automate the analysis of correlated events.

Rich Dashboards

Gather event data and turn it into informational charts to assist in seeing patterns, or identifying unusual activity.

Aurora Networks SIEM

Based on Graylog, the standrad, open source product designed for centralised log management and monitoring.


As part of our managed security services portfolio Aurora Networks provides a Security information and Event Management solution based on the open source product Graylog. Graylog is a leading centralized log management solution built to open standards for capturing, storing, and enabling real-time analysis of terabytes of machine data.

Graylog is purpose-built and designed to deliver the best log collection, storage, enrichment, and analysis experience.

Fast analysis speeds thanks to a more robust and easier-to-use analysis platform.

Real time Threat intelligence with commercial and opensource feeds to detect real time attacks.

Identify Anomalous Activities anywhere in your network.

The powerful combination of quicker response time and aggregated data you get the information you need in real time.

Deep incindent investigation and great visibility.

Find all the relevant information and the real threats in massive amounts of data produced by networking equipment, firewall logs, systems, applications, DNS requests, etc.

Get alerted right after high severity events are detected. From a single dashboard you can start digging in, getting incident details and correlating with other security events.

A SIEM that integrates all your IT Managed Services.

Get full visibility on all security events in your IT Infra.

Safe DNS Summary

Safe DNS Dashboard and access logs.

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Safe DNS Top Categories

Top Requested Domains.

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Real Time Traffic Logs

Internet Browsing Logs.

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Blocked Domains

Daily Internet Traffic, Top Daily Domains, Top Daily Users, etc.

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Aurora Networks

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