Safe DNS Features

No agent or software install required

Configure your DNS forwarder and all set!.

Domain Filtering

Start controlling your Internet traffic from domain name resolution.

Protect against all threat types

Not all Internet threats come from we browsing. Ensure your domain name resolution stops Internet threats regardless of their type.

Log Management and SIEM Integration

Safe DNS Events and Security Alerts integrated with Centralised Log Management and SIEM.

Get Alerted

Get Alerted when severity events are detected.

Domain Categories and Blocked Domains Reports

Obtain real-time visibility for everything Internet connected.

Aurora Networks Safe DNS

Protect against Internet threats and control Internet access activities for your users, with full visibility.


Prevent users from accessing malicious sites and domain names, exposing your network to Internet threats.

Easy and Quick deploy, no agents of software install required.

Focus on user protection, increased productivity and customise domain categories as required for your environment.

Protect your network against Internet threats by using name resolution policies for your users

DNS category rules to prevent systems access to specific categories of Internet sites.

Block malicious websites using security rules to classify and block phishing, botnets, malware, anonymisers, etc.

Analyse Internet name resolution requests within a centralised dashboard.

Obtain visibility of all device Internet traffic in real-time.

Obtain visibility of all device Internet traffic in real-time.

Get alerted when unusual name requests from the same source have been blocked. Deep dive with the help of detailed DNS access requests to identify and correct potential existing malware in end-points.

Fully integrated in your SIEM and Centralised Log Management.

Get full visibility on your DNS traffic and detected malicious requests.

Safe DNS Summary

DNS Requests Histogram, Response time and requests by source IP.

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DNS Top Categories.

Quick access to DNS categories requested by all users.

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DNS Blocked Requests.

Summary of blocked DNS requests.

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Analyse DNS performance.

DNS Response Time: Measure DNS Throughtput and Performance.

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