Vulnerability Scan

Network Vulnerability Scan (NVS) for all your systems and network devices. As part of your Security Assessment life cycle a continuous and periodic network vulnerability scan is vital to protect your organisation against the evolving threat landscape.

Aurora Networks Vulnerability Scan

Aurora Networks allows you to detect, analyse and remediate all the vulnerabilities detected in your IT Assets.


Aurora Networks provides a vulnerability scanning solution as part of our managed security services portfolio. Leveraging our asset discovery, inventory and log management solutions our vulnerability scan helps you identify and analyse existing vulnerabilities that can compromise your assets.

Using a scheduled and periodic network vulnerability scanning process facilitates identifying and correcting latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Leveraged on our IT Inventory Service defining targets and setting up vulnerability assessment scans allows you to include individual assets, groups, or an entire subnet.

You can schedule vulnerability assessement scans to run at periodic intervals to keep your assessement up to date with the latest network vulnerability tests.

NVTs feeds are continuously updated. Investigate detected threats and vulnerabilities with links to vendors fixes and and information on CVE references and reports.

Compare latest vulnerability scan with historic data for continous threat assessment and trend analysis.

Fully integrated in your Enterprise and SIEM portals

Get full visibility on all your scan targets, scan jobs and results through your Enterprise and SIEM portals.

Vulnerabilities classified by severity

Summary of all your scans and vulnerabilities ranked by their severity.

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Scan Jobs Summary

Overview of scan results for each asset.

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Detailed Scan Results

Quick access to all NVTs run and detailed view of scan results.

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Trend Analysis

Benchmark latest scan results against historic data for the same asset.

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