IT Inventory

Know exactly what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes.

  1. Network and Security devices (switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, etc). Vendor, Model, IPAM Inventory, MAC Address, serial number, etc.
  2. Linux-based servers: know your hardware, software, operating system settings, security settings, services, users & groups, etc.
  3. Windows-based assets: know your hardware, software, operating system settings, security settings, active directory configuration, services, users & groups, etc.

Aurora Networks Asset Inventory delivers a rich and easy to use portal for your IT Inventory.


Interactive dashboards provide instant visibility into the summary of network and systems inventory.

Increase the control over your networked devices and manage the software that's used on them.

Your IT Inventory will be catalogued and easily accessible by categories: Network Devices, Servers, Workstations/Laptops, IP Telephny and Others (printers, scanners, etc.)

Our Network Inventory Service will scan your network and all your devices automatically. How often these scans are run is entirely up to you, but generally a daily scan is recommended.

Aurora Networks IT Inventory intelligently scans your network and stores the configurations of the discovered devices.

Network devices (switches, routers, firewalls, etc) can have data recorded such as IP-Address, MAC Address, open ports, serial number, etc.

Servers, desktops and laptops can be audited for hardware, software, operating system settings, security settings, IIS settings, services, users & groups and much more.

Track configuration changes as well as software licensing, server changes, active services, etc.

Access all your IT Inventory through a single pane of glass

Use our customer portal to get full visibility on your inventory.

  • Get an instant summary of your Inventory.

    Active IT assets in your inventory.

  • IT Asset Inventory classified by Location.

    Track all your IT assets by location.

  • Assets breakdown by main category.

    Network Devices, Servers, Workstations/Laptops and Others.

  • Network Devices by Vendor.

    Track all your network devices by Vendor and Model.

  • IP Addressing Inventory

    IP Subnets and Network Interface Cards.

  • Interfaces and Routes

    Network Interfaces and IP routes.

  • NMAP Scan

    TCP/UDP ports open.

  • General Settings

    Hostname, Operating System and Version, Serial Number, etc.

  • Hardware Inventory

    Motherbboard, Bios, HDs, etc.

  • Active Directory Settings (Windows Only)

    Windows Domain/Workgroup, Domain Role, Active Directory OU, Shared Drives.

  • System Services and Installed Software

    System Services and Status. Software Inventory.

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