HIDS Key Features

Lightweight agent

A lightweight agent running on your servers will track changes in system files and registry settings.

Centralised Event Collection Server

The agent sends all data collected to a centralsied server using a signature-based approach to intrusion detection.

Compliance Assessment

PCI DSS compliance analysis of scanned hosts, mapping system settings with compliance requirements.

Log Management and SIEM Integration

HIDS Events and Security Alerts integrated with Centralised Log Management and SIEM.

Get Alerted

Get Alerted when severity events are detected.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Active response mechanisms available to block network attacks or stop a malicious process.

Aurora Networks Host-Based IDS

Based on OSSEC, the standrad, open source product designed for log based intrusion detection and file integrity monitoring.


As part of our managed security services portfolio Aurora Networks provides a Host-Based IDS solution based on the open source security solution OSSEC. OSSEC is used by leading global companies from Netflix and Facebook to Airbus and Workday.

OSSEC is easily installed, with a highly scalable design and with agents available for every platform imaginable.

A host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) is intended to give you in-depth visibility of what’s going on in all your critical systems in terms of malicious or anomalous activities.

Detect Unauthorized Access Attempts and rivileged escalations

Identify Anomalous Activities.

Installation of unwanted applications

The behavioral monitoring capabilities of OSSEC allow you to identify unusual or anomalous user activities that fall outside of your baseline or “normal” operations. Suspicious events, such as changes to AD or local groups, AD or local policies, the creation, deletion or modification of a significant number of user accounts or AD groups, etc.

OSSEC integrates in our SIEM and centralized log magamenet solution, so you can identify and investigate security incidents from a single system. Security events from all OSSEC agents installed in your critical servers along with all across monitored environments are aggregated and correlated. When security incidents are detected you have full visibility of the targeted assets.

Fully integrated in your SIEM and Centralised Log Management.

Get full visibility on your Host-Based IDS agents and detected events.

Host-Based IDS Summary

OSSEC Agents, events and PCI DSS compliance.

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Summary of All your running Agents

Quick access to all running agents, classidied by host and type.

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Events Summary, Rules and Categories.

Summary of events, classified by rules and categories..

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Centralised Log Management

Access all your OSSEC logs via our Log Management Solution.

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